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Asked Questions

Kindergarten & First Grade Level

  • What services does Pearlized Mathematics Consulting (PMC) offer?
    PMC offers a Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) based math curriculum with professional development (CPE credit) for KInder & First Grade educators in Texas school districts.
  • When is the professional development conducted?
    Professional development for each curriculum grade level is conducted by a PMC consultant, prior to each six weeks grading period (August through April). Each session is now held virtually via Zoom, with a maximum of 30 participants per session.
  • How is the professional development conducted?
    A curriculum document and manipulatives (provided by the contracting district) will be required per participant, for use during the virtual training of the comprehensive, structured program, with emphasis on our grade level TEKS, on-going application of the TEA'S: RESEARCH BASED INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES and RESEARCH BASED BEST PRACTICES, and vertically aligned to the STATE OF TEXAS ASSESSMENT OF ACADEMIC READINESS (STAAR). A list of materials required at each training session is included as the first page on the curriculum documents per six weeks.
  • Does the curriculum include lesson plans?
    Yes, complete daily lesson plans are included for each six weeks grading period, with the designated grade level TEKS noted, as well as, a reference to the STAAR Reporting Categories.
  • Is literature incorporated in the curriculum?
    Yes, reference to a variety of math literature books is emphasized throughout the curriculum so as to increase a world of knowledge through appropriate math and science vocabulary, and the application of life skills & financial literacy.
  • Does the curriculum include assessments?
    Yes, as integral components in both the Kinder & First Grade curriculum, each six weeks grading period includes weekly concept assessments and a cumulative six weeks assessment. All items on these assessments are aligned to the specific grade level TEKS taught (up to the designated grading period), and are vertically aligned annually to the most recent STAAR released test questions.
  • Does each grade level include a "Beginning of Year", "Middle of Year", and "End of Year" assessment?"
    Yes, both grade levels will include suggested/optional assessments. The Kindergarten Curriculum will include a Prekindergarten Comprehensive Review and a Prekindergarten Comprehensive Assessment as the “Beginning of Year” assessment. While the First Grade Curriculum will include a Kindergarten Comprehensive Review and a Kindergarten Comprehensive Assessment as a “Beginning of Year” assessment. Furthermore, both grade levels will have a 3rd Six Weeks Comprehensive Assessment that may be administered as the “Middle of Year” assessment, as well as, a 6th Six Weeks Comprehensive Assessment that may be designated as the “End of Year” assessment.
  • What is needed from a school district to contract the PMC curriculum and Professional development?
    Interested Texas school districts may request a proposal for review. Once the district approves the proposal, notify PMC so that a PMC Service Contract & License Agreement is submitted to the district for review and approval. The PMC Service Contract & License Agreement must be completed and submitted (annually) to PMC prior to conducting the professional development.
  • Can several districts join a hosting district?
    Yes, several Texas school districts may join a hosting district with up to a maximum of 30 participants. The hosting district must complete and submit an approved PMC Service Contract & License Agreement. Each joining district must complete and submit an approved PMC License Agreement prior to joining the hosting district. The approved PMC License Agreement grants access to each six weeks curriculum documents; therefore, must be submitted to PMC prior to the 1st six weeks scheduled training.
  • Are there curriculum samples we can review?
    Yes, contact us to request complete grade level samples, which are only available in English.
  • Who does an interested school district contact for more information?
    Contact Us
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