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Kindergarten & First Grade Level



Component 1: NUMBER & OPERATION APPLICATIONS emphasize and will specifically target conceptual development of number recognition and application of operations, through a variety of twenty (20) minute lessons that will allow for differentiating instruction in meeting individual student needs. 

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First Grade Level

Component 1: FACTS & APPLICATIONS will progressively integrate algebraic strategies, which are implemented in basic facts foundations, daily thirty (30) minute lessons, followed by comprehensive weekly assessments.

The operation skills in both grade levels will address thorough concrete applications of algebraic concepts, a variety of literature emphasizing appropriate mathematics language/vocabulary, and a problem-solving approach to word problem situations.

Kindergarten and First Grade Level

Component 2: CONCEPTS 

- Addresses the ongoing conceptual development of math skills through a problem-solving approach utilizing manipulatives, as mandated in the TEKS.

- Builds foundations essential to not only communicate and construct mathematical situations, but to definitely attain and apply that knowledge.

- Enhances process thinking through lessons that incorporate:

   - number and operation applications

   - algebraic foundations

   - geometric spatial reasoning

   - measurement experiments 

   - graphing skills requiring generating & interpreting data

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Kindergarten and First Grade Level

Component 3: ENRICHMENT

-Provides an extension to the concept lessons with ample opportunities for children to explore and discover a world of knowledge through:

      -engaged research projects

      -hands-on measurement activities

      -critical thinking experiences

      -reasoning skills required in constructing graphs


-Enhances how children actively engage in thinking, reasoning, and communicating with others.



Component 4: SKILLS

- This final Kindergarten component requires twenty (20) minutes of daily oral math language development skills through the use of the teacher-created bulletin board.

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